Saturday, September 20, 2008


These are pictures from a practice and also Leah's first game of the season. Once again, I'm about a week behind, but some of these pictures were too cute not to share.

Laura loves to go to the playground on the soccer fields with Grandaddy. Notice the red stains from the wonderful dirt pile they have. She can not resist playing in it, and we have several pair of stained shorts to prove it. Joe coaching the kids. Leah & Jarred running for the ball.
Jarred actually asked me to take his picture. I couldn't refuse, I'm so used to begging the kids to look this way and smile, that I was surprised to have a kid actually request it and smile so cutely.Laura in her supportive role with princess umbrella in tow. ~The first game of the season.~
Leah with her Daddy, the Assistant coach.
At one of Leah's breaks Laura wanted to take her water to her. Luckily I was quick enough with the camera to capture the sweet moment that followed.

Leah doing a throw-in.
Good game!!
Jen & family invited us to join them at Sonny's, and offer we couldn't refuse.
We have a way of taking over wherever we go.

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Anonymous said...

the my little pony party was absolutely precious! brooke would have SO found a way for her solemness (solemnitude?) to ruin it! lol! the pics are so adorable though...can't wait to get those 3 together!!!!