Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Married for Seven Years!

Our very first picture we ever took together. We had been dating a couple of months, and this was at Joe's Christmas party, which he actually shared with my mother since they both worked in the same branch.This all started the night Joe proposed, he took me to the beach out of the blue one night so I thought something may be up. He had roses, and a bottle of champagne planted on the beach. As we were walking he pretended to see something in the sand, and lo and behold he found an engagement ring. He asked me right there, and I think my first response was laughter, not at him, just in general. But it was a very thoughtful proposal. Afterwards we headed to a nice restaurant to celebrate. The waiter was nice enough to take our picture. Here's a picture from our first trip to visit his family near Philadelphia, in New Jersey. His uncle was a flight traffic controller at the time, and they called out our names in the plane. Thinking we had done something wrong, but instead the flight steward brought us each a glass of champagne from his Uncle. So cool!
This is us last night at the very same restaurant. The restaurant has gone through an extensive remodel over the years, but then we don't look exactly the same either.
What we came home to. My parents had helped the girls make us Anniversary Cards.
The front.
The back.
We might just have to keep this thing going!


Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are a cute couple and I hope you had a great dinner and evening together.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much!