Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leah's My Little Pony 6th Birthday Party

Leah settled on her party theme soon after the guests were leaving her 5th Birthday, and this girl does not waiver once she has made up her mind about something. When we were talking about having a "My Little Pony" party, I was thrilled. I have real life ponies right next door at our barn, perfect! So all it took was a few trips to the stores to find pink hair and some colorful sprays, and walla, we have ponies! We had our family, my parents and four other families. It was just a perfect evening. The weather was perfect, all the kids got to take turns on the horses and played wonderfully in the yard. I do believe this was my favorite party I've had for either one of my kids, so relaxed and just plain fun.
I had Laura help me round up all of their ponies to share with the guests.
A very proud Mommy & Daddy with the guest of honor.
I can't believe she will be 6 years old, time is just blazing right by.
Some of the food, and my lovely Sweet Shop sign in the background.
I almost got away with not having the sign, and at the last minute Leah remembered. So, at eleven o'clock the night before I was sitting on the floor with my scissors in hand, cutting out letters and gluing them on the board. As I was shaking the glitter on the glue, I thought I have truly made it as a mother. How many nights did my parents spend up way past any of our bedtimes to finish projects. I'm sure I'll have many sleepless nights ahead.
This is what inspired the sign. We saw the "My Little Pony Live" show last February, and Leah was hoping to recreate it. Unfortunately she just has one mother, and this mother is lacking a set crew to manufacture such a grand backdrop. She was happy enough with the outcome though.Some of her birthday gifts and more decorations.
Sam and Gabby leading the party arrivals. Let the festivities begin!
Leah on her tip-toes with excitement as Jessica, Will and their mom Emily arrive, along with Zachary and Jen.
Leah and Will playing on the seesaw.
Leah, Savannah and Riley playing with the Ponies.
After the guests were all there, I headed over to the barn to tack up the horses. This is a picture of Molli and Leah as they are seeing the horses for the first time.Dixie waiting patiently for her riders.
Laura so excited.
Dad was my other leader.
Me with Rider, he was a little embarrassed to be wearing all that pink.
Do you see the yellow balloon on his hip?
Savannah taking her turn.

Leah was thrilled with the horses, and it made everything so worthwhile. As you are running around a week in advance of even the simplest party, you have to think ahead to all of the smiles you will see as a result of all of that work.
Reagan taking his turn.
Laura. At some point most of the kids had donned some kind of costume. I guess they raided the girls' dress-up box.
Left to Right: Bill, Reagan, Gavin, Savannah, Jessica & Cassidy
Riley donning one of the many costumes.
Doesn't she look so sweet?
The kids enjoying their tent. I tried to make a magical getaway for them, not sure if I succeeded but the seemed to really enjoy having their own private area.
Front: Reagan, Leah, Jessica
Back: Ryan, Laura, Will

The kids were having such a good time playing, and the weather was cooling off, so we had the cake and presents outside. Leah blowing out her candles, with Jessica and Laura.Laura was thrilled with her special presents that my parents brought for her.
Leah was thrilled with all of her presents.
The day after.
Leah & Laura checking out the horse that Jen & family gave Leah.


Jen said...

What an amazing party! I know it's one that Leah will never forget. We had such a great time!

Keeum said...

This was the BEST party! It isn't often the parents can enjoy it as much as the kids, but we did. Thanks for having us over for such a great time. Happy Birthday Leah!

Cheryl said...

Looks like everyone had a blast at the birthday party.. .and Dixie and Ryder were both stunning LOL!