Thursday, August 7, 2008

A sweet ending to a wonderful visit.

For my in-laws last night here, we wanted to do something unique. We drove about 40 minutes to a fun shopping/dining/entertainment community to have dinner and let the girls run around.

At the fountain in the center of the facility.

How many happy meals would this make?

We dined out on the deck of one of our local favorite Italian restaurants. Leah practiced her letters by making her own menu. We joke that she is going to have a restaurant and it will be called "Leahfe". I think we're joking, she's such an entrepreneur she may be serious. She's already made money selling "gems" to my parents' neighbors and also she has had her own lemonade stand.We must have been enjoying the view, but the next time I glanced back at Laura she had snatched half a loaf of the bread. She said she was like Aladdin and Pop Pop was Aboo. Do you remember when he had to steal bread for their dinner? If not, you're not watching the mandatory quota of Disney movies!
The girls split Spaghetti and mac n cheese. I know I should discourage the girls from slurping their noodles, but it's just so darn cute!

Laura loves her cheese, her Pop pop is helping her use the grater.
I have the best in-laws!
The whole gang enjoying dinner.
We had a beautiful view.

After dinner we walked down the path to the park. Nighttime is the only comfortable time to play there, as it gets so hot during the day. It took a little extra effort to keep up with the girls in the dark, but the cooler temperatures made it worthwhile.

The two Joe's.
Leah defying gravity.

They had something that was supposed to be a mister to cool you off when you played in the playground but....
If you can run through enough times, it becomes so much more. Here's Laura in her own words..."Soaking wet!" Hey it's nighttime, and still 80's, I figured it couldn't hurt.
A great time with the family.

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Jen said...

I enjoyed all the pictures, but it was hard to do anything but look at those adorable outfits.... and matching headbands. How cute!!!!!