Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Redneck upgrade

We had a small disaster this last weekend. I was inside giving the girls a middle of the day, for no real reason kind of bubble bath, and Joe came in with a strange look on his face. Our glorious red neck pool had exploded! Water had rushed so hard that it flooded everything off of our back deck and pushed it up against the fence. The yard was very well watered. After a little thought, we agreed to replace it, but this time we went with a little bigger version. The girls were thrilled until they got in, and saw that it would be much deeper. We're going to have to tweak it a little to make it comfortable for everyone, but I'm sure we'll enjoy the rest of the summer in style.
They look fairly happy right? They were in the pool less than five minutes before throwing little fits about numerous things. Made for a very rough start to the day, but we'll give it another go this weekend, when Joe and I can both be here to get them used to the new pool.

Just like most children, they had the most fun with the box.

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Jen said...

Again, I love the Redneck pool references. How funny! I actually wanted that same pool and Sam wouldn't let me get it... maybe I'll talk him into it next summer!