Friday, August 1, 2008

Mom mom & Pop pop are here!

Joe's parents are visiting, and we are all thrilled to have them. They quietly came in the house on Tuesday afternoon, and they were promptly attacked by the girls. They have been counting down the days until their visit.
Right away they took them outside to play chalk that they had given to the girls.

I decided to just make a lasagna at home so we wouldn't have to run around on their first night here.
Bobi had some special recipes planned for their visit. The girls are helping her make a Jewish Apple Cake. It was delicious, kind of a moist pound cake, with lots of cinnamon-sugar and apples...yum!
Wednesday we dove right in and played full on tourist and took everybody to a local experience of a restaurant. Eating on a dock, with way too many other people. It's a crazy atmosphere, but we all survived and enjoyed the experience.

Joe with his Dad.
A Grandad, Pop pop and Daddy, how lucky can a girl get?
The whole gang, minus the picture taker of course. What a background. That's why we brave the crowds, to enjoy this beautiful view.
Joe took everyone to the local Air Force museum, and the girls enjoyed playing in the old airplanes. Joe's mom made dinner for us that night, we had Italian Wedding Soup and a delicious pasta with scallops and shrimp.

The girls thought they wanted to spend the night with them in the little house, but they chickened out right at bed time. Maybe they'll try again during the visit.
They had been here since Tuesday, and had yet to see the beach. We tried to remedy that today. The weather wasn't exactly cooperating, but we managed to squeeze some time in despite the sporadic showers.
Joe, Sr. waiting for the rain to pass to head back out to play.

Bobb walking along the water's edge. See those clouds, the boys called us pessimists because we thought it might not be the best beach day after we saw the clouds rolling in. What do you think?

Just try and convince a 3 year old it's not okay to play in the water. It was a red flag day, and the lifeguards were serious about that. I saw them whistle several people out of the surf.

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