Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rachel's visit - Part 3

As I said, the horses were tops on Ava's activities, so we came back out on Sunday. Leah took a bunch of these pictures, and did a pretty good job. She's a budding photographer, and even has her own bird book at her Grandaddy's house that she has taken the pictures for over the last several months.

On this day I pulled Dixie out for everyone to ride. I've had this mare since 1987, and at the time she was 4 years old. Now she's 25 and we're leading our little girls on her. She is a good girl, and I love sharing her with the kids.
This is what you get if you leave a 5 year old alone too long with the camera. She had several self-portraits.

That barn in the background, my dad actually built, with some help from myself, my mom and my sister Lynn. We've had this property since 1981 and I treasure it, even though I can't keep it up like I would like to right now.

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