Monday, June 23, 2008

Under the Big Top

Every since Leah performed in her very own circus at Pre-school{} she has asked to see a "real circus". Now, trying to be the good mom, last year I did purchase tickets to one of those, set up in the parking lot, kind of circuses. So disappointing! The only real animals were some dogs. I'm sorry, I enjoy Cirque De Soleil just as much as the next person, but when I pay for a circus I want elephants, lions, horses and okay, I'll take a funny dog dressed in shiny clothes too.

Well, this circus did not disappoint. It was the full on, classic, three ring circus. We all enjoyed it, and just as I was feeling really stupid for shelling out the money for ringside seats, I heard Leah say, "I've never been this close to a tiger." Okay, that just redeemed it, and I'll have to remind Joe of that when the Visa bill arrives. Love you Joe!!!

Leah took this one of Joe and I. The cotton candy came with these adorable hats, and someone had to wear them!
With our programs we got blinking clown noses. Laura kept it on long enough to get the picture.
An hour before the show they let you get down on the floor and experience the circus up close. It was not until I was close enough to reach out and touch the elephant that I thought, what the hell would I do if one of these things went postal?

Laura likes to observe from a safe distance.

Leah in awe of the whole experience.
Honoring the military. The announcer was a 12 year Army veteran and the girl on the elephant was a reservist.
Laura is not fond of loud noises, but at the last minute I could not find any ear muffs, and the girls wouldn't even humor me with earplugs. The best I could do was Laura's winter hat with ear flaps. I really don't think it muffled much, but I guess it helped her suffer the pyro that would pop every once in a while. The whole show really was pretty pleasant, but Laura just does not like anything that pops.

We were this close to the tigers.

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